My First Unreal Engine Project

I’ve always loved computer games, and been fascinated at how they are created. It was probably one of the main things that sparked my interest in computers. As time went on, I drifted away from games and more generically into software development, and by the time I reached university, the idea of become a games developer had slipped away from me.  Then I graduated and started work as a software developer and I have loved pretty much every moment of it for the past 12 years.

However, I have found myself wanting to tinker with making some games projects more and more recently, so decided to take a stab at using Unreal Engine. My plan is to work with a good balance of Blueprints and C++. I’m a little limited in my C++ experience at the moment, but I’ve spent almost a decade writing code in C# so I’m not overly concerned about picking it up at a reasonable pace.

After some general playing around and reading some of the documentation, I set out to make my first actual “game”. I’ve decided to take a stab at making a twin stick shooter style game, and the friendly chaps at Epic even had a starter tutorial to get me going.  I’ve worked through the tutorial, tweaking some things as I went to suit my needs (such as making it full night time and giving my character a flash light and adding mouse look support) and I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. It’s a great video series, easy to follow and helped me make sense of a good chunk of things that would have taken a lot longer if I was just tinkering on my own.

My next step is to play around with artificial intelligence (AI) behaviour trees for the bad guys so I can develop the map from the basic square arena created in the tutorial.